New T-Shirts for all coders on the road

Dusan is the person of us who travels a lot. I am simply afraid of planes. When my wife said:”Peel it, code it or forget it” I looked at her with big eyes and had no idea what she meant. She was quite a traveller herself and suggested to tell that Dusan, which I did. He understood in an instant. And he bothered to explain me :-)

We simply decide to this. Coders travel today. We are not longer the geeks hidden in a cellar. We are going to conferences or visit our teammates in India or the US. After all, most of us have the money to travel. So why not?

If you are not afraid of planes like I am, you should just take one word of advice: if you want to eat something on your travels make sure you cook it or peel it! I don’t want to elaborate further on this point.

At CVLTWEAR we say: if you can’t code it, or at least peel it, well…

This time we made it more colorful and provided the shirt itself in three different base colors. Look for yourself!

Peel It, Code It or Forget It Shirt