Let us #encrypt

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Shame enough, the US and A does not respect privacy and ‪#‎nsa‬, or ‪#‎prism‬ is on everybody’s lips. No, Germany is playing the ‪#‎bigbrother‬ game as well.

German vice Sigmar Gabriel forced us into the so-called #vorratsdatenspeicherung. Now connection data will be stored for quite a while. France implemented the same or at least a similar system, and it could not prevent the recent terrorist attack. And we still believe this will protect us?

And earlier this year, we were all surprised by Barrack Obama, David Cameron and Thomas de Maizière when they started to fight encryption. I can’t remember when I felt the need to side with the industry.

We are concerned here at CVLTWEAR. We are afraid before the total surveillance and thought control. As technophiles, we only fix broken systems, and we apply new code only when it is necessary. Today we see our governments become “Big Brother” and break our fundamental rights to build up systems, which are not effective in what they promise. There is no safety; there is just more control.

In fact, without privacy you should be afraid. We know of States, which do not take privacy seriously. Many, if not all, of them, do not take human rights serious as well. Do we want to join them?

We say: No.

Don’t let you fool you by your politicians. They are playing with our fears. Don’t believe them.

We don’t need no thought control.

We advise everybody to ‪#‎encrypt‬ their communication data and protect their privacy. If you want to spread this message, then head over to our shop and show the world how you think about it.